E-Finance Solutions

salesXp develops custom-made e-finance solutions, which are extremely useful to its clients. The following benefits will be accomplished:

  • Cost reduction
  • Time saving
  • Creation of highly efficient business processes
  • Fast and global access to financial market data
  • Userfriendly analysis tools to support decision findings
  • Seemless and timely integration of proprietary information
  • Concentration on core competences

In co-operation with FactSet, salesXp implements e-finance-solutions, that enable its clients to achieve higher benefits from financial market data. Customer-friendly analysis tools, manifold charting options and useful search functions allow optimized decision findings and support clients at investvemt decisions. These custom-fit, web-based solutions increase the quality of wealth management and extend the leeway in decision-making in private banking. At investment companies and in retail banking optimized financial market solutions are on the rise. At exchanges, online brokers and media portals they are indispensable.