Fair Value Information Services

A useful instrument within the product portfolio of salesXp and FactSet is the "fair value information service": Users of this tool can subscribe to end-of-day prices of illiquid financial instruments and take hold to multiple data, which is needed for the pricing of equities, stock index futures or stock options. Thereby it is ensured, that the fair value evaluation requirements will be complied strongly in the interest of the clients.

FactSet holds access to decades of experience in the allocation of decision-relevant data for financial institutions - the result is a fair value information service that offers the following benefits:

  • Stock market prices for 18,400 equities
  • Share rating under the consideration of different trading hours
  • A transparant evaluation process including the disclosure of the specific input for the evaluation of each single financial instrument
  • Quarterly backtesting of the efficiency of the performance of the scheme
  • Market values for international shares, end-of-day or real-time
  • Information about international stock index futures, exchange traded equities and over-the-counter options 
  • Bond prices