Market Data in real-time

The quality of financial market information systems depends on correctness, speed and funcionality of the data universe. Therefore salesXp and FactSet offer a consolidated feed that covers global exchange data and has capacity for huge data streams.

Global market coverage

  • Worldwide data from 450 sources, amongst others 150 exchanges
  • All asset classes: Equities, derivatives, bonds, commodities and currencies

High capacity, low latency data flow:

  • The optimized backend is designed to capture huge amounts of data
  • Lowest latency times to enable real-time stock prices
  • Complete data service with all-over display of price movements


  • Infrastructure and network are extremely high resistent
  • Worldwide secure connection to international exchanges

Over-the counter - 180 sources with 170 currencies:

  • Covers forex, precious metals and bonds

salesXp and FactSet supply financial institutions with a consolidated feed, that shows extremely low latency times.

In terms of a „one-stop-shop” approach we ensure our clients a direct connection to exchanges and data feeds arround exchanges with a complex integrity of data feeds.